Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Holly is our new addition to the Etsy shop today. 

Holly is large orange glass saucer and round beads playfully mixed with round red glass beads. She is wire wrapped on bright silver-toned wire and finished with a shiny silver toned lobster claw clasp. Holly features a round red pendant with an orange bird on a branch; the shape of the pendant is echoed in the large transparent orange shell wrapped on one side. 

Our Grand Opening Sale discount is valid on Holly - Use coupon code grandopening at checkout for 20% off!

In other news, parking near Sweet Addy Designs is apparently dangerous:

We had a storm about a week ago, and a tree fell down onto the next property, taking a power/telephone line with it.  The power/telephone line is blocking the driveway to Sweet Addy Designs, so someone from the city thoughtfully tied yellow caution tape around the low hanging portion of the line.  Thanks, city!  It makes so much more sense to mark the downed power line with caution tape than it would to, you know, fix it.  Yay, local government!