Saturday, June 4, 2011

Bead Soup Blog Party - Fairy Tale Bead Swap

We have been so remiss about so many things lately - crazyness is afoot at our "real jobs" and it turns out that we will probably be relocated halfway across the country in a few months.  We so love living here in Atlanta that it's a sad thing for right now.  Ultimately, though, the move is a fantastic career opportunity and we're sure it will end up being a Great Adventure.

Oh, and also?  We haven't had cable or internet for two weeks.  *shakes fists at Comcast*

But it's been restored (the tech is actually on a ladder outside our office as we speak), and just in time, for today is the reveal of the Fairy Tale bead swap in the Bead Soup Blog Party Yahoo group.  As the name implies, the theme was fairy tales, and our partner, Shaia, sent us a wonderful package (that we promptly forgot to photograph, whoops).  We couldn't resist making two pieces from the charms and crystals she sent - the jasper and the rolo chain in the necklace came from our own stash, and we used a mother-of-pearl pendant we'd been hoarding to show off the focal mermaid:

And the earrings are just shiny and fun, made with Shaia's blue crystals and seahorse charms:

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

New items and free shipping


So nice to be back.  Real life has been in the way here for the last few days at Sweet Addy Designs.  But we got new pieces made and listed in our shop today:

We're really loving these noodle beads from mamastaub (  They're among the oodles of beads we received in the last week.  And we have a new coupon code - use freeshipping at checkout for free shipping domestically. 

Hopefully now that things are a little more settled in this crazy thing we call "real life," we'll be able to devote more time to pretty baubles..

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A picture is worth...

Well, we have had a busy couple of days over here at Sweet Addy Designs.  Sweet Addy got his hair cut, and that was a process, as it always is.  The vet wants to put him on Xanax, but we declined.  Take the OCD out of Sweet Addy and he's just not the same.

We also built a lightbox for picture taking:

The box could still be a tad lighter, but it's so much better than being exposed and vulnerable to the elements when taking pictures outside. It's been especially windy here lately, so our ability to get good, focused pictures has been limited.  We're thinking of adding a couple more lights to the lightbox, but that will have to wait.

We are going to be away from the shop until Sunday night, but the shop will remain open and any orders received will ship on Monday.  Remember, use the grandopening code at checkout to save 20% before Monday!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

We had a lazy weekend here at Sweet Addy Designs and have a few new pieces in the shop to show for it:

Use coupon code grandopening at checkout for a 20% discount code though April 23rd April 25th.  The shop will be on vacation next weekend. 

Other than that, we saw a movie (Scream 4), ate quite a bit and bought several pairs of shoes.  Just the way we like our weekends - lazy, shoppy and crafty!

Friday, April 15, 2011


Isabelle is our new addition today:

Isabelle is a double strand bracelet - one strand is aqua Czech glass beads wire wrapped with round aqua ceramic beads. The other is uninterrupted aqua Czech glass beads strung on jewelry wire. She is wrapped with silver-toned wire and finished with a silver toned lobster claw clasp.

Our Grand Opening coupon code is valid on Isabelle - use grandopening at checkout for 20% off.

In other news, the Sweet Addy for whom Sweet Addy Designs is named is in desperate need of a haircut.  Every time he goes outside, he rolls around in the piles of pollen and leaves that populate the front yard, and then gives us a good growling at when we try to pick it off him.  Sweet Addy would rather be covered in pollen than have his rear end touched.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Emma and Lima Beads

Our new addition today is Emma:

Emma is triangular purple glass beads with white striations mixed with dark round wood beads. She has is strung on jewelry wire and finished with a silver rope toggle clasp. Emma features a purple flower pendant on a green background.  This necklace is choker length. 

Our Grand Opening sale is still happening - use coupon code grandopening for 20% off of Emma and lots of other items in our store.

In other news, it's time for the annual Lima Beads Easter Egg Hunt, and we here at Sweet Addy Designs are a tad obsessed.  We've currently found 44 eggs.  Get over there and join the fun!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Erin and Giveaway Links

Today's new item is Erin:

Erin is puff coral fossil coins mixed with blue and teal ceramic beads and two industrial-style nuts that are decorated with dictionary images.  She's wrapped with brass wire and finished with a brass swivel clasp.

Erin is available in our Etsy shop right now, and our Grand Opening discount is valid for her.  Just use coupon code grandopening at checkout for a 20% discount.

In other news, two of our very favorite bead artists are hosing giveaways this week:

Lorelei is giving away four Jade Scott bezel pendants - comment on her post before 8:14am Thursday morning to enter.

And Lori Anderson is generously giving away so many pretties that it's drool-worthy.  Comment on her post to enter.

And finally, a tip - don't try to take pictures while standing on an awkward incline and wearing platform wedges. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Holly is our new addition to the Etsy shop today. 

Holly is large orange glass saucer and round beads playfully mixed with round red glass beads. She is wire wrapped on bright silver-toned wire and finished with a shiny silver toned lobster claw clasp. Holly features a round red pendant with an orange bird on a branch; the shape of the pendant is echoed in the large transparent orange shell wrapped on one side. 

Our Grand Opening Sale discount is valid on Holly - Use coupon code grandopening at checkout for 20% off!

In other news, parking near Sweet Addy Designs is apparently dangerous:

We had a storm about a week ago, and a tree fell down onto the next property, taking a power/telephone line with it.  The power/telephone line is blocking the driveway to Sweet Addy Designs, so someone from the city thoughtfully tied yellow caution tape around the low hanging portion of the line.  Thanks, city!  It makes so much more sense to mark the downed power line with caution tape than it would to, you know, fix it.  Yay, local government! 

Monday, April 11, 2011


I had a ridiculously difficult time listing some new items in our shop this afternoon - seems my brain just couldn't focus and I kept using the same image for multiple listings.   

That said, we've got some new things in the store right now, including some lovely jewelry components that can be used as pendants or whatever else your imagination may dream up.  Meanwhile, my imagination, as well as my brain, have left the building.

Remember, use grandopening as your code at our Etsy store and get 20% off until April 23rd (discount not valid on Carnival Series components)!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

New in Town

Freya just got in this morning.  She's India red aventurine coupled with pink jade, wire wrapped on brass.  She features a stamped brass dragonfly pendant by Stampt Metal Co and a sweet red pressed flower under glass.

Find Freya in our Etsy shop.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Grand Opening Sale!

Sweet Addy Designs is finally opening for business.  In celebration, we're having a 20% off sale on all items in our Etsy store until April 23rd.

Go to our Etsy store and use coupon code grandopening. (Please note - Grand Opening discount not valid on Circus series pendants.)

What's in store?

We also take custom orders.  Please send us an email at or send a convo via Etsy for custom order policies and options.

Check back here regularly for store announcements, sales, previews and other information.