Saturday, June 4, 2011

Bead Soup Blog Party - Fairy Tale Bead Swap

We have been so remiss about so many things lately - crazyness is afoot at our "real jobs" and it turns out that we will probably be relocated halfway across the country in a few months.  We so love living here in Atlanta that it's a sad thing for right now.  Ultimately, though, the move is a fantastic career opportunity and we're sure it will end up being a Great Adventure.

Oh, and also?  We haven't had cable or internet for two weeks.  *shakes fists at Comcast*

But it's been restored (the tech is actually on a ladder outside our office as we speak), and just in time, for today is the reveal of the Fairy Tale bead swap in the Bead Soup Blog Party Yahoo group.  As the name implies, the theme was fairy tales, and our partner, Shaia, sent us a wonderful package (that we promptly forgot to photograph, whoops).  We couldn't resist making two pieces from the charms and crystals she sent - the jasper and the rolo chain in the necklace came from our own stash, and we used a mother-of-pearl pendant we'd been hoarding to show off the focal mermaid:

And the earrings are just shiny and fun, made with Shaia's blue crystals and seahorse charms:

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